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Hello, Sat Nam

 Beautiful Soul!

This was no coincidence, your intuition led you here.  

NOW, all you have to do is TRUST and take ACTION


Every day we make choices. Each choice, affects the next choice making  our lives more fulfilling, loving, balanced, successful or not.  


We all desire to live a vibrant, happy, meaningful life, enriched with fulfilling loving relationships.

We wish to play, love, laugh, contribute and explore.  

Yet, many of us find it difficult to know exactly how to create this in life. 



Let me remind you how to unlock the doors, shift your awareness, have more energy, heal, transform your life and let go of your past patterns and ignite your personal power. 















During your sessions, I incorporate channeled spiritual guidance (reading), energy clearing & healing. By combining modalities. I integrate the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of your energetic journey to release blocks and old patterns that have been holding you back.

I then will create a personalized program specifically designed for you to heal and transform all areas of your life. 

Moving forward, you will experience a greater sense of confidence, clarity, inspiration, and the power to move forward in all areas of your life.

Private sessions  are available in person, or in the comfort of your home, office or anywhere in the world over the Phone, Zoom or FaceTime.  

Healing Modalities Include

Quantum Healing, Spiritual Mentor Spiritual, Empowerment  Coaching, Chinese Energy Healing, Light Language Codes & Activations, Akashic Records, Soul Contracts, Mediumship, Aura Clearing and Strengthening, Psychic Surgery, Yoga, Breathe Work and

Guided Mediation 

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More Success Stories 

"One of the most amazing women you will ever meet! I have the great fortune of being able to call her my friend and mentor. Jennifer has helped me transform my life from the inside out in the most meaningful way".


Words will never truly be able to describe the emotional/spiritual change and growth I have experienced with the help of Jenn. She is a blessing, and I am so grateful to have her in my life. 

Her presence and voice has a way to calm you instantly. The most amazing thing about her healings and programs are that you experience a clearing of your soul and it is so subtle you don’t even realize it’s happening until one day you notice all these changes around you and in your life. 

Her approach is exactly what I was looking for, up front, no fluff and gets right to work, clearing past trauma and/or timelines. 

She also is upfront and honest and lets you know that we have a choice and everything we experience we bring into our life. You do have to still put the work in, but she helps to make things a lot easier and guides you along the way. 

She is like no other. I will forever be grateful to her for helping me see how special and worthwhile I am. For helping me truly love myself and everyone around me. 

Again words can’t describe what you will experience, make the investment in yourself— I will never look back. 

Jenn, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! XO


Amy N

Working with Jenn changed my life, without a doubt. I went to see Jenn after an extremely painful end breakup. She was so skilled at helping me get to the heart of what was holding me back,  just after a few sessions, I was felt completely changed, open & light.  

6 months  later, I met someone who was actually was perfect for me and because of my work with Jenn, I could recognize that person and understand how to avoid sabotaging my new relationship!

I am truly grateful.