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"AMAZING! About sums up the magic Jenn creates."



"I would recommend working with Jenn to any and everyone!

I AM truly honoured to be one of her students." 

Tasha I.

I was mesmerized by Jennifer the first time she spoke in our yogic community. I always knew I would reach out for a one-on-one and when the time came it was “game-time” for big shifts. She has the answers to my questions. Lots of information comes through, and of course, the most pressing gets emphasized. These pinpoints in my readings have a way of defragmenting my thoughts and getting on track with the overarching theme of what am I creating and where am I going. I am now solidly on track with realizing my desires and dreams.


We were never required to take this journey alone in transcending to higher consciousness. Having Jennifer for guidance and planting seeds in my psyche makes the Earth party so much more fun. 

Jennifer Mola 

"Just one session with Jennifer is life-changing. 

What I was most profoundly struck by during our first session was

the Clarity and the set of  tools  Jennifer offered, which got me out of

old ruts and brought me directly INTO healing.    

Jenn is the real deal" 


 "Words will never truly be able to describe the emotional/spiritual change and growth I have experienced with the help of Jenn. She is a blessing!

 I am so grateful to have her in my life" 


I can't recommend taking one-on-one sessions with Jennifer highly enough. Her devotion to her clients is beautiful, and her multi-faceted work and guidance are simply magical, always spot on and holding the highest intentions. She is truly gifted, inspiring and living her souls mission. She helped me see things clearly in a time of big shifts. It was her reassurance that allowed me to navigate these times centered, bringing all aspects of my soul back and experiencing a new sense of freedom and self- confidence and love. I can't thank her enough for her time and lighting the heart of my soul again to go out and create and live the life I came for. -Lisa H. From Germany 

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Spiritual imbalance is the biggest cause of health issues.  I was pushing away pain, anxiety, and negative emotions that have been manifesting in me and then Jennifer was able to help me start releasing that and opened my eyes to feelings that I really was unaware that I had.  After a session with Jennifer there is this space, this flow of energy that takes you through your day, week and month.  

Jennifer is blessed with a special gift.  Not only does she have this gift but she really wants to help people and is concerned with their well-being. 



Jenn helped reveal MUCH more than what I was expecting. 

In the passed I felt  unhappy, unfulfilled, unloved, and adding even more emptiness in my heart. I had been hoping someone else would fill the void inside of me.

Jenn's guidance and love showed me how to fall in love with myself and I know I am worthy and deserving, I know I have what it takes to conquer anything in life. 

Thank you Jenn, your the best! 



I have had the great pleasure to participate in workshops, classes and personal sessions with Jennifer. It always fascinates me how deep her knowledge of the practice goes, and how important it is to her that she is able to share her gift.  As a teacher, Jennifer inspires me in the art of teaching and the desire to guide others in finding their true self. Her guidance and compassion have helped me to explore through my personal journey with practice and discipline. Jennifer’s deep commitment to her students, and love for life, clearly shines when she teaches in the classroom and in her daily life. I am forever grateful to have the experience of connecting with a teacher that exemplifies such love and awareness. Thank you, Jennifer, for opening up my eyes so I can see the light shine on all the true beauty that exists inside of my soul, and outside in the world all of us share. 


Xo Nicole