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Jennifer is an International Certified Yoga & Retreat leader, Intuitive Energy Facilitator, Reiki Master, Medium, and the creator of “AWAKENING the GODDESS WITHIN, EXPANDED, INSIGHT PORTAL and many other online courses and workshops. She has a well-earned reputation as an inspiring, gifted and compassionate healer and mentor to many. 


Over the past 16 years,  Jenn has studied with world renowned teachers from across the globe, in the art of Yoga,  Akashic Records, Light language, Coding, Soul Alchemy, Past Life Regression, DNA Coding, Quantum Healing, Chinese medicine, and many other healing modalities.


Applying this powerful comprehensive knowledge and ancient wisdom has allowed her to expand her healing practice and accompany others in their  Soul growth and self development journey.

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  5D TV Network

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Success Stories  


There’s no way I can answer this in one word…so here are the main ones that come to mind: resilient, determined, compassionate, selfless, wise and gifted. Your gift is your compassion to help others, regardless of what you may be going through yourself. Your strength and kindness inspires me to be a better version of myself.



To to put into words how amazing  Jennifer is, is almost an impossible task! With her healing hands and her Energy practice she has helped restore both my mind and body. I had been experiencing constant debilitating motion sickness for 6 months and with the help of Jennifer she has given me back my life! 

I honestly never considered alternative medicine as an outlet but when conventional routes didn't seem to work.

I was in a point of desperation. Thankfully, Jennifer persuaded me to try Energy Healing with her and I am so glad that I did!

Thank you Jenn.  I am so blessed to have you in my life!

Please if you have any condition that just doesn't seem to be getting any better give Jennifer a call. I promise you that you won't be disappointed, She is amazing!







Hello Beautiful Soul! 

This was no coincidence, your intuition led you here.  

NOW, all you have to do is TRUST and take ACTION

Every day we make choices. Each choice, affects the next choice making  our lives more fulfilling, loving, balanced, successful or not.  

We all desire to live a vibrant, happy, meaningful life, Enriched with fulfilling loving relationships. We wish to play, love, laugh, contribute and explore.  

Yet, many of us find it difficult to know exactly how to create this in life. 

Are you finding it hard to make decisions in your life, relationships & career? procrastinating? 

Let me remind you how to unlock the doors, raise your vibration, have more energy, heal and let go of your past patterns and ignite your personal power. 

*Please note, I book up 2- weeks in advance. Please keep this in mind when booking a session with me* 

Much Love & Light  

XOXO ~ Jenn  Glendinning

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Namaste, my name is Jenn

I am an Intuitive Healer, Soul Alchemist, Reiki Master, Soul Sister, Dog Lover, Yoga Retreat Leader and former owner of the first Yoga & Wellness centre located Chatham, Ontario.

My soul mission is to create a safe place  for men & women to uncover their truth,  step into their power and achieve greatness! 


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*Please note, I book up 2- weeks in advance. Please keep this in mind when booking a session with me* 

Much Love & Light,  

Jenn  Glendinning