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Jennifer is an International Certified Yoga & Retreat leader, Intuitive Energy Facilitator, Reiki Master, Medium, and the creator of “AWAKENING the GODDESS WITHIN, EXPANDED, INSIGHT PORTAL and many other online courses and workshops. She has a well-earned reputation as an inspiring, gifted and compassionate healer and mentor to many. 


Over the past 16 years,  Jenn has studied with world renowned teachers from across the globe, in the art of Yoga,  Akashic Records, Soul Alchemy, Past Life Regression, DNA Coding, Reiki and many other healing modalities.


Applying this powerful comprehensive knowledge and ancient wisdom has allowed her to expand her healing practice and accompany others in their  Soul growth and self development journey.

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Success Stories  

There’s no way I can answer this in one word…so here are the main ones that come to mind: resilient, determined, compassionate, selfless, wise and gifted. Your gift is your compassion to help others, regardless of what you may be going through yourself. Your strength and kindness inspires me to be a better version of myself.


Working with Jenn changed my life, without a doubt. I went to see Jenn after an extremely painful end to yet another relationship breakup. She was so skilled at helping me get to the heart of what was holding me back. After just a few sessions, I was felt completely open & light.  Months later, I met someone who was actually was perfect for me and because of my work with Jenn, I could recognize that person and understand how to avoid sabotaging my new relationship!

I am truly grateful.  


I started doing Reiki healing with Jenn in 2017 and like a lot of people I was neither a believer or a skeptic, I simply just didn't know what to expect. As it would be, that very 1st Reiki healing literally changed my life and turned out to be the catalyst for all the inner healing I have been doing ever since. I describe it as a massage for your Soul and when I leave the session I feel replenished, rejuvenated and recharged.  I highly recommend to anyone who is curious about the truth behind Reiki to try it once, I know it will change your life if you are open to it. 

Lila Walker 


Jenn is  Inspirational, receptive, kind, generous, evolved, attractive and selfless person.

 Her  gift  is to help others find enlightenment. How Jenn  helped me in my journey both directly and indirectly;

Jenn has  helped me to stay positive,  tune into myself, heal, speak my truth, that it's perfectly okay to be an outlier and ultimately keep on this path to help myself and others continue to ascend.


To to put into words how amazing Jennifer is, is almost an impossible task! With her healing hands and Reiki practice she has helped restore both my mind and body. I have been experiencing constant debilitating motion sickness for 6 months and with the help of Jennifer she has given me back my life. I honestly never considered alternative medicine as an outlet but when conventional routes didn't seem to work, I was in a point of desperation. Thankfully, Jennifer persuaded me to try Energy  Healing with her and I am so glad that I did! Thank you Jenn.  I am so blessed to have you in my life!

Please if you have any condition that just doesn't seem to be getting any better give Reiki with Jennifer a try. I promise you that you won't be disappointed! 


I have had the great pleasure to participate in workshops, classes and personal sessions with Jennifer. It always fascinates me how deep her knowledge of the practice goes, and how important it is to her that she is able to share her gift.  As a teacher, Jennifer inspires me in the art of teaching and the desire to guide others in finding their true self. Her guidance and compassion have helped me to explore through my personal journey with practice and discipline. Jennifer’s deep commitment to her students, and love for life, clearly shines when she teaches in the classroom and in her daily life. I am forever grateful to have the experience of connecting with a teacher that exemplifies such love and awareness. Thank you, Jennifer, for opening up my eyes so I can see the light shine on all the true beauty that exists inside of my soul, and outside in the world all of us share. 

Xo Ashley 

I have tried therapists over the years and Jennifer is absolutely the one I was looking for. 

She helped me get right to the issue within the first session. 

Thank you so much Jennifer!

Natalie P

I would like to take just a few of your precious moments to share a remarkable journey, that has changed my life, empowered me to become fearless and strong.  We all dread and fear the word "cancer" and when it happens to you, it's hard to explain just how topsie/turvy your life becomes.  Our emotions run ramped with fear at the helm.  Our minds are peppered with thoughts of "why me", how can this be happening and until the reality sets in, we are just numb. The medical diagnoses of chemotherapy or radiation is our life line to a continued life.  The process is gruelling, and for me it was every week for 5 months.  Monday's were blood work, Tuesday morning chemo and by the weekend I was confined to bed rest, then the cycle is repeated.   People watching in an oncology department is far different than at the beach.  Your brain begins to formulate thoughts and goes in areas you don't really wish to explore.  My weekly chemo appointments brought me to a new level of appreciation, strength and a stronger will to live.  And I want to "Live".                                        
Before my bout of cancer, I was a very active, sports minded, strong and healthy person.  I had never really been sick, so my news of cancer hit me like a brick wall.  My emotional state started to waiver in such a way, that I questioned everything about my life: My faith, future, family and friends.  I felt that I was bobbing in a pool but not in self pity but in gratitude.  I thought I always was an appreciative person but realized I could do so much more.  
During, my cancer treatments, I developed neuropathy in my hands and feet.  I walked with a walker and then a cane.  There was basically, no feeling in my feet and my muscles from my knees to my ankles felt numb.  Being complacent most of the time (May-Dec), my hips ceased up causing walking/standing very difficult.  I was advised to seek therapy or I would eventually end up in a wheel chair.  
In February, I contacted Jennifer Glendinning  (Perfect Harmony) regarding my state of health.  I was so hoping she would have an opening for me, as everything I read mentions how yoga heals and strengthens.   I was ready and wanted to release my fears .. So my journey has started.  
Oh, it was tough at first, had to use a chair to get down to my mat; my muscles had to be trained; they wouldn't stretch ..they were stiff, but in time my strength slowly started to return and I feel alive and good.  Jenn's positive, calm, warm  and reassuring expertise allowed me to put my full faith and trust into her.. Wow has it paid off.  Week after week she greats me with a new enthusiastic work program.  I am enthralled with her creativity and my body is becoming flexible again.  Do I believe in yoga, breathing and meditation,Yes !! ... I am  living proof.

 Jen's commitment to my health, has allowed me to release my fears, go deeper, trust, find peace, relax and breathe.  No more chair, the hips are moving and I'm walking better and getting stronger, hence a more positive outlook. 

Thanks Jennifer Glendinning -  Your The Best !!


With just one session with Jennifer can be life-changing. 

What I was most profoundly struck by during our first session was

the set of concrete tools that Jennifer offered, which got me out of

old ruts and actually brought me directly INTO healing.    


Jenn is a  Seer (if that's a word?) She was helped me acknowledge what is going on inside (she can see it) and not take even my own thoughts at face value so I can live my best life.

Thank you, Jennifer for supporting my journey and helping me see clearly! 

My personal and business life has completely changed for the better. 

Jennifer is all about getting to the root cause and giving you tools that work. 


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Namaste, my name is Jenn

I am an Intuitive Healer, Soul Alchemist, Reiki Master, Soul Sister, Dog Lover, Yoga Retreat Leader and former owner of the first Yoga & Wellness centre located Chatham, Ontario.

My soul mission is to create a safe place  for men & women to uncover their truth,  step into their power and achieve greatness! 


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 Dear Sweet Soul,


I see you YOU! Thank you for reading this.

Every day we make choices. Each choice, affects the next choice making  our lives more fulfilling, loving, balanced, successful or not.  

We all desire to live a vibrant, happy, meaningful life, Enriched with fulfilling loving relationships. We wish to play, love, laugh, contribute and explore.  

Yet, many of us find it difficult to know exactly how to create this in life. 

Are there changes and difficult decisions you need to make in your life, relationships & career but have been procrastinating? Do you feel stuck? 

Do you need to increase your self confidence and motivation to change things?  Are you searching for more pleasure, happiness and success in your life?

Sometimes in life, we can become stuck in a pattern losing  parts of ourselves. Please know, it does not have to be that way.  

From executive coaching to energy healing; from intuitive counselling, personal development and spiritual growth to nutritional advice and wellness.

Let me remind you how to unlock the doors, raise your vibration, feel better, have more energy, heal your past patterns and ignite your personal power. 

Sweet Soul, know, this was no coincidence, your intuition led you here.  

NOW, all you have to do is take, ACTION and trust. 

If you are feeling the call and would like connect, I offer one FREE private 15 min consultation. 

Know, that I am here for you. 



*Please note, I book up 2-3 weeks in advance. Please keep this in mind when booking a session with me* 

Much Love & Light,  

Jenn  Glendinning