Jennifer is an International Certified Yoga & Retreat leader, Intuitive Energy Facilitator, Reiki Master, Medium, and the creator of “AWAKENING the GODDESS WITHIN, SOUL LIGHT, INSIGHT PORTAL and many other online courses and workshops. She has a well-earned reputation as an inspiring, gifted and compassionate energy healer and mentor to many. 


Over the past 16 years,  Jenn has studied with world renowned teachers from across the globe, in the art of Yoga/ Kundalini Yoga, Akashic Records, Soul Alchemy, Past Life Regression, DNA Coding, Quantum Healing, Chinese medicine, and many other healing modalities.


Applying this powerful comprehensive knowledge and ancient wisdom has allowed her to expand her healing practice and accompany others in their  Soul growth and self development journey.

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Jennifer has inspired me to become the best at whatever it is I choose to do. The support and tools she has shared will forever be appreciated and used to my benefit. My hope is that more women can come together and utilize these types of teachings to grow and flourish with the one life they have been granted.

You do not have to consider yourself “broken” to reap the benefits of her teachings.

I highly recommend connecting with Jennifer. She is a gift to this world and one that should be shared with as many women as possible. 




Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of participating in meditations, light code activations, energy healings and programs with Jennifer Glendinning. Each experience is a journey into yourself and is nothing short of magic! Jennifer is a gifted healer and spiritual mentor who brings depth, awareness, wisdom and intuitive knowledge in to her work. She has supported me on my journey immensely by creating a safe space to work through patterns and limiting beliefs and to understand what it truly means to be sovereign. 


Since working with Jenn, my partner, family and friends have reported so many positive changes with relation to my mood, anxiety, confidence and excitement about life. Each exchange with Jenn will bring you deeper into discovering your divine truth. I now believe in the power I hold within. I now understand what it means to take responsibility for my energy, attachments and what is showing up in my space.  I know who I AM.


When taking a program or workshop with Jenn, such as Soul Light, you receive so much loving guidance from Jenn and Spirit. Her programs are rich with energetic education, including how to transmute your energy, energetic maintenance, working with your guides, uncovering the ancient wisdom of your spiritual gifts, a deep inner trust and INNERstanding, and the integrity and accountability to be present with all that is. This program has without a doubt accelerated my healing and ascension in unmeasurable amounts.


I would recommend working with Jenn to any and everyone! I AM truly honoured to be one of her students. 


- Tasha I.






Hello Beautiful Soul! 

This was no coincidence, your intuition led you here.  

NOW, all you have to do is TRUST and take ACTION

Every day we make choices. Each choice, affects the next choice making  our lives more fulfilling, loving, balanced, successful or not.  

We all desire to live a vibrant, happy, meaningful life, enriched with fulfilling loving relationships. We wish to play, love, laugh, contribute and explore.  

Yet, many of us find it difficult to know exactly how to create this in life. 

Let me remind you how to unlock the doors, raise your vibration, have more energy, heal and let go of your past patterns and ignite your personal power. 

*Please note, I book up 2- weeks in advance. Please keep this in mind when booking a session with me* 

Much Love & Light  

XOXO ~ Jenn  Glendinning

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Namaste, my name is Jenn

I am an Intuitive Healer, Soul Alchemist, Reiki Master, Soul Sister, Dog Lover, Yoga Retreat Leader and former owner of the first Yoga & Wellness centre located Chatham, Ontario.

My soul mission is to create a safe place  for men & women to uncover their truth,  step into their power and achieve greatness! 


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*Please note, I book up 2- weeks in advance. Please keep this in mind when booking a session with me* 

Much Love & Light,  

Jenn  Glendinning