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Welcome, Beautiful Heart 


I believe we have the potential to create our own reality by POWER of our words and the purity of our thoughts and intentions.

When we know what we want and we become crystal clear on what it is we wish to create in our lives. WE CAN manifest that frequency and begin to have that experience in our lives. 

Trust that your intuition has to lead you here

YOUR SOUL IS  ready to create significant change in your life.

YOU are here to inspire and enlighten the world with your gifts ! 

The time is NOW. The power is YOU! 


Over the past 16 years, I have studied with world renowned teachers from across the globe, in the art of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, Akashic Records, Soul Alchemy, Past Life Regression, DNA Coding, Quantum Healing, Psychic Surgery and many other healing modalities. Applying this powerful  knowledge and ancient soul wisdom technology has allowed her to expand her practice and accompany others in their Spiritual Awakening and Self Development Journey.

My spiritual journey started around the age of 9, when I began experiencing sensations and colours in the palms of my hands. I had many intuitive visions, angelic encounters and also became very sensitive to certain people and places.  At that time I had no idea what was happening, so I kept it all hidden. 

Years later, I met a wonderful woman I affectionately refer to as “Mamma Brenda”.  She was guided into my life and explained to me what was happening. 

I mentored under her for many few years, as many of the answers I was searching for couldn't be found on a Google search engine. 


She was an excellent teacher and mother to me.  I was devastated by her passing since she was the only one I felt that truly understood me.  After her passing, I searched for other teachers and mentors. During that time, I kept all of my Intuitive abilities hidden due to the fact I live in a small town and I was fearful that people would not understand or accept me.


 I am also a survivor of two long term abusive relationships, a mini stroke and a cancer diagnosis. That I feel  has transformed me into the woman I am today!


Not only do I have deep compassion, understanding and knowledge but I have also been gifted with the undeniable willpower and strength to accompany women and men on their healing and self empowerment path. 


 I remember how nervous and confused I felt to speak and walk my truth in power and self confidence but I knew in my heart, I couldn't keep hidden any longer.

I believe this is ready NOW to be awaken in YOU!  


This is why I have created powerful transformational programs, workshops, soul readings and trainings (online or one on one mentorships )  to help guide you and your love ones live a happy,  healthy and fulfilling life on this planet. 


Much Love & Divine Blessings 

Jennifer  XO 


My Name is, Jennifer

 I AM  a Yoga & Retreat leader, Intuitive Energy Activator, Facilitator, Quantum Alchemist, Intuitive Mentor, Medium, Reiki Master, and the creator of  the "Aurora ROSE CODES, BLOOM, AWAKENING THE GODDESS WITHIN, SOUL LIGHT, INSIGHT PORTAL, and many other transformational online courses, workshops and programs.  


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