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More Success Stories!


Words will never truly be able to describe the emotional/spiritual change and growth I have experienced with the help of Jenn. She is a blessing, and I am so grateful to have her in my life. 

Her presence and voice has a way to calm you instantly. The most amazing thing about her healings and programs are that you experience a clearing of your soul and it is so subtle you don’t even realize it’s happening until one day you notice all these changes around you and in your life. 

Her approach is exactly what I was looking for, up front, no fluff and gets right to work, clearing past trauma and/or timelines. 

She also is upfront and honest and lets you know that we have a choice and everything we experience we bring into our life. You do have to still put the work in, but she helps to make things a lot easier and guides you along the way. 

She is like no other. I will forever be grateful to her for helping me see how special and worthwhile I am. For helping me truly love myself and everyone around me. 

Again words can’t describe what you will experience, make the investment in yourself— I will never look back. 

Jenn, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! XO


Amy N

Since working with Jenn, my partner, family and friends have reported so many positive changes with relation to my mood, anxiety, confidence and excitement about life. Each exchange with Jenn will bring you deeper into discovering your divine truth. I now believe in the power I hold within. I now understand what it means to take responsibility for my energy, attachments and what is showing up in my space.  I know who I AM.


When taking a program or workshop with Jenn, such as Soul Light, you receive so much loving guidance from Jenn and Spirit. Her programs are rich with energetic education, including how to transmute your energy, energetic maintenance, working with your guides, uncovering the ancient wisdom of your spiritual gifts, a deep inner trust and INNERstanding, and the integrity and accountability to be present with all that is. This program has without a doubt accelerated my healing and ascension in unmeasurable amounts.


I would recommend working with Jenn to any and everyone! I AM truly honoured to be one of her students. 


- Tasha I.

Hello my name is Rebecca, 


I would like to take just a few of your precious moments to share a remarkable journey, that has changed my life, empowered me to become fearless and strong.  We all dread and fear the word "cancer" and when it happens to you, it's hard to explain just how topsie/turvy your life becomes.  Our emotions run ramped with fear at the helm.  Our minds are peppered with thoughts of "why me", how can this be happening and until the reality sets in, we are just numb. The medical diagnoses of chemotherapy or radiation is our life line to a continued life.  The process is gruelling, and for me it was every week for 5 months.  Monday's were blood work, Tuesday morning chemo and by the weekend I was confined to bed rest, then the cycle is repeated.   People watching in an oncology department is far different than at the beach.  Your brain begins to formulate thoughts and goes in areas you don't really wish to explore.  My weekly chemo appointments brought me to a new level of appreciation, strength and a stronger will to live.  And I want to "Live".                                        
Before my bout of cancer, I was a very active, sports minded, strong and healthy person.  I had never really been sick, so my news of cancer hit me like a brick wall.  My emotional state started to waiver in such a way, that I questioned everything about my life: My faith, future, family and friends.  I felt that I was bobbing in a pool but not in self pity but in gratitude.  I thought I always was an appreciative person but realized I could do so much more.  
During, my cancer treatments, I developed neuropathy in my hands and feet.  I walked with a walker and then a cane.  There was basically, no feeling in my feet and my muscles from my knees to my ankles felt numb.  Being complacent most of the time (May-Dec), my hips ceased up causing walking/standing very difficult.  I was advised to seek therapy or I would eventually end up in a wheel chair.  

In February, I contacted Jennifer Glendinning regarding my state of health.  I was so hoping she would have an opening for me, as everything I read mentions how yoga heals and strengthens.   I was ready and wanted to release my fears .. So my journey has started.  
Oh, it was tough at first, had to use a chair to get down to my mat; my muscles had to be trained; they wouldn't stretch ..they were stiff, but in time my strength slowly started to return and I feel alive and good.  Jenn's positive, calm, warm  and reassuring expertise allowed me to put my full faith and trust into her and Wow has it paid off!

 Week after week she greats me with a new enthusiastic work and healing program.  I am enthralled with her creativity and my body is becoming flexible again.  

Do I believe in yoga, breathing  meditation and energy work,  Yes !! ... I am  living proof. 

 Jenn's commitment to my health, has allowed me to release my fears, go deeper, trust, find peace, relax and breathe.  

No more chair, the hips are moving and I'm walking better and getting stronger, hence a more positive outlook. 

Thanks Jennifer Glendinning -  Your The Best !!

Love Rebecca 



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