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    Intuitive Healing & Spiritual Mentorship


Intuitive Healing & Spiritual Mentorship

In an intuitive energy reading and or healing session, I will bring forth the guidance to assist you in moving through what you’re currently experiencing into a greater understanding with clarity and empowerment.


This is how I work and bring through information.

I work intuitively within the Quantum field of Divine Consciousness, connecting to the universal energies.

I will bring through light language, soul guidance on a deep cellular level—unveiling, clearing and removing energetic blocks, that are ready and willing to be released and healed. 


Each Soul Session is guided and will be individual to you as I will be working within your own Energy Blueprint.


During a session or sessions, I may include Quantum Healing,  Soul Reading,  Light Language, Light Code, Activations, Psychic Surgery,Movement,  Chinese Medicine healing, DNA Healing/ Past Lives, and Breath-work all with the clear intention to heal, transmute, transcend, clear, integrate and alchemize what your soul is ready to release and experience for growth, expansion and deep cellular healing.


This will be all discussed in your initial consultation. 



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Beautiful Heart


"THIS WOMEN IS AMAZING! SHE IS A POWERHOUSE! The support and tools she has shared will forever be appreciated and used to my benefit ..."


"Jennifer is a gifted healer and spiritual mentor who brings depth, awareness, wisdom and intuitive knowledge in to her work. She has supported me on my journey immensely by creating a safe space to work through patterns and limiting beliefs and to understand what it truly means to be sovereign..." 



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