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Namaste, my name is Jenn

I am an Intuitive Healer, Soul Alchemist, Reiki Master, Soul Sister, Dog Lover, Yoga Retreat Leader and former owner of the first Yoga & Wellness centre located Chatham, Ontario.

My soul mission is to create a safe place  for men & women to uncover their truth,  step into their power and achieve greatness! 


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 Dear Sweet Soul,


I see you YOU! Thank you for reading this.

Every day we make choices. Each choice, affects the next choice making  our lives more fulfilling, loving, balanced, successful or not.  

We all desire to live a vibrant, happy, meaningful life, Enriched with fulfilling loving relationships. We wish to play, love, laugh, contribute and explore.  

Yet, many of us find it difficult to know exactly how to create this in life. 

Are there changes and difficult decisions you need to make in your life, relationships & career but have been procrastinating? Do you feel stuck? 

Do you need to increase your self confidence and motivation to change things?  Are you searching for more pleasure, happiness and success in your life?

Sometimes in life, we can become stuck in a pattern losing  parts of ourselves. Please know, it does not have to be that way.  

From executive coaching to energy healing; from intuitive counselling, personal development and spiritual growth to nutritional advice and wellness.

Let me remind you how to unlock the doors, raise your vibration, feel better, have more energy, heal your past patterns and ignite your personal power. 

Sweet Soul, know, this was no coincidence, your intuition led you here.  

NOW, all you have to do is take, ACTION and trust. 

If you are feeling the call and would like connect, I offer one FREE private 15 min consultation. 

Know, that I am here for you. 



*Please note, I book up 2-3 weeks in advance. Please keep this in mind when booking a session with me* 

Much Love & Light,  

Jenn  Glendinning


Hello, Gorgeous Goddess!

Know that your intuition has lead you here because you are NOW ready to create significant change in your life. 

 It is my passion to help women step into their true  potential, divine purpose with the power, confidence, leadership and the knowledge to move successful through life! 

I do that in multiple different ways, 

through healing workshops, retreats, channelled meditations, online programs, transformational energy  sessions, and one on one personalized sessions. 


I didn’t always live this type of lifestyle. 

Here is a sneak peek into my story. 


I came from a broken home, lived with my Grandparents and Aunt most childhood/teenage life. Survived two long term abusive relationships 

and, a cancer diagnosis. At the age of  41, I walked away from a very toxic relationship,  my home and business.   


 As challenging as it all seemed, I would not change one thing, for I am the women, I am today because of my incredible journey! 

Not only do I have the understanding, compassion and knowledge but the undeniable willpower and strength to accompany women on their healing path to empowerment and success! 


In the beginning ... 

I started practising yoga about 20 years ago. It was a way for me to release, breathe and let go of all the pain and self doubt I was feeling inside. My connection to meditation, breathing and movement was definitely the catalysis that drove me forward down a whole new lifestyle.  


I immerse myself in personal development study,  and also became a vegetarian. Back then, I received a lot of criticism & judgement but stayed with it and continued to move forward. 

I knew in my heart, it was the right path for me.  I was different. 


Around the age of 9, I began experiencing  sensations in the palms of my hands. I had many intuitive visions and also, became very sensitive to certain people and places. I had no idea what was happening. 

10 years later, I met a wonderful women who I will call “Mamma Brenda” she came into my life and, explained to me what was happening.  I began to mentor under her for many years, as many of these questions could not be found on google. 

She was a wonderful teacher and mother to me. Brenda passed some years later,  I was devastated, as she was the only one I felt that truly understood me. 

After her passing, 

I searched out other teachers and mentors to  study under. 

I kept all of  my Intuitive abilities hidden due to the fact, I live in a small town and it was not accepted by everyone. It was only years later, I would tell my students who, I guess most of them knew already. lol! 


I can remember how nervous I was to speak my truth but I knew I could not keep it hidden any longer.

This was happening to me for a reason and it was doing an injustice to myself and my clients by keeping it hidden. 


I  decided to no longer hide and devalue who I truly am. 

If you are struggling or looking for answers .. Or,  if you are a wanting change 

Please, let me help you … I have received  many powerful lessons, That have transformed my life and have prepared me for this day! 

Trust, you were guided here for a a reason!